Fungi Orchestra at Umede Symposium

Fungi Orchestra is a fungi modular synthesizer created together with Tomas Valentinaitis (LT),
for Umede Symposium 2021 at Sodas2123 in Vilnuis, Lithuania.

During a one-month Artist-in-Residency at Sodas2123 I worked with Tomas in AltLab at the Sodas2123 complex,
a non-disciplinary research lab for art and science, a complete biolab with a Laminar flow hood and other tools.

Fungi Orchestra is a cross-disciplinary research project investigating fungi modes of communication
and behavior using sound composition, and also exploring fungi as a living material for design.
During May - June 2021 we cultivated different strains of fungi and also collaborated with fungi
producers around Lithuania, Baltic Champs and Varanos Grybai, using their substrate.

Fungi Orchestra. Photo credit Andrej Vasilenko

Fungi Orchestra at Atletika Gallery 2021. Photo credit Eva Sjuve

The sound composition consists of custom designed electronics, electrodes and patch cables to measure
the different pulses of fungi. Pure Data is used to process the sound and a machine learning model
distributes the measurements of the fungi.

Fungi Orchestra. Photo credit Andrej Vasilenko

Fungi Orchestra. Photo credit Andrej Vasilenko

Lithuanian television LRT made a report on Umede Symposium at Atletika Gallery at Sodas2123.


Fungi Orchestra: Communication and Living Material
Paper presentation with Tomas Valentinaitis (LT)
4th Renewable Futures Conference
RF 2021: The Futures of Living Technologies Oslo Met University, Oslo
FELT 2021
November 4 - 6, 2021

Umede Symposium
Atletika Gallery, Sodas2123
Vilnius, Lithuania
Performance and Artist talk
June 17, 2021