mobile noise apparatus

Mobile Noise Apparatus is an application for sonic performance by Eva Sjuve,
using handheld computers, for sonic expression. Today's use of mobile technology
is changing the way we create and perceive our everyday life. By implementing
the creative use of audio technology in our mobile lifestyle, we become not only
consumers, but also creators. As more computing power is implemented in handheld
computer systems, these devices can also be used as sound processing systems
for live performance.
The handheld computers used in Mobile Noise Apparatus, are using a Linux operating
system, Familiar 0.8.4 and the software, Pure Data, cloned to handheld computers by
Guenter Geiger, PDa. Mobile Noise Apparatus is a sound composition
for mobile technology and live sound processing, and is part of research
in the use of mobile technology for sonic compositions and live performance.
The first phase of implementation of a sound composition on handheld computer was
made possible by a generous grant from Bergen Kommune, Norway, in 2004.


Elektronischer Hoergenuss
Dienstbar at Martin-Lutherkirche
March 23, 2007

Make Art
A week of free, open source, and digital art
Carré Bleu
Poitiers, France
April 6, 2007